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Plant Care Tips

Your plant wants your love, time and attention. Our green-fingered experts have created this list of absolute must-have plant care tips, for achieving the happiest of pants.

Plant Care Tips

Find the perfect spot

The majority of plants don’t do well under extreme conditions. Avoid placing your potted friend in extra cold or hot areas. Too much or not enough light can also make your plant suffer, depending on the type. Always research the best conditions for your choice of plant, to find the best spot in your home or office.

Love your plant

Give your plant some TLC. The real plant experts believe that talking and even singing to your plant will encourage it to thrive.

Pampered plant, happy plant

Spray your plant regularly with Neem Oil. Not only will it help to keep your plant looking shiny and full of life, it also acts as a natural insecticide.

Plant Care Tips
Plant Care Tips

Power in numbers

Much like extroverts, plants thrive in numbers. When placed together in groups, your plants will create their own mini microclimate. This acts as a natural humidifier, helping to keep your plants hydrated on the even dryest of days.

If you're prone to forgetting to water your plants - or just often spend long periods away from home or the office, we have picked out the perfect plants for you.

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Don't over water

The most common mistake people make when caring for plants is overwatering. The majority of plants don’t need watering everyday, a little misting on the leaves using a spray bottle will keep your plant looking healthy and feeling revived.

Try spraying your plant with neem oil, or one of our other helpful TLC plant hacks. Such as the icecube or the chopstick.

the TLC plant hacks
Plant Care Tips
Plant Care Tips The Plant Collection
Plant Care Tips The TLC Plant Hacks

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