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An office is a place where many people spend a lot of time. They welcome guests, customers and do important tasks daily. Sometimes office spaces can feel stuffy and make it harder to focus. Employees can feel like they don't have enough air. To improve the beauty and comfort of your office, you should think about adding some office plants or adding individual office desk plants. The opportunities and advantages are many. First of all, plants filter air and providing cleaner air is their job. Coupled with that, they also remove toxins! Not only do plants have health benefits they also give a warmer look to your office and the clients and guests will feel more confident and safer in your office. You can use green leave plants like barriers in specific places in your office. It provides a more natural barrier than some of the plastic counterparts.. With care for all these things, we a great range of easy to care for plants. You can also make use of our next-day plant delivery and make your working environment better! Plants in the office will make a great connection with the outside world!

Why plants are good for the office?

Plants in the office will increase work productivity. A number of scientific studies have shown that employees are more productive and satisfied when surrounded by plants and flowers. Nature has great power and brings happiness. The plants reduce stress and relax us. They give us more attention and concentration. The natural elements in the office bring inspiration and just a better mood. It will be much easier to deal with challenging and stressful situations. Moreover, the first impression you get when you arrive at the office will decide, in many cases, what day you will have. And green plants will give a sense of purity, order, and positivity. You will agree that is enough to spend a great workday!

What plants are good for the office?

When you choose plants for the office you need to take care of some things. Firstly, because you spend a lot of time at work, you don't have a lot of time to take care of the plants. For instance, you have no time to water them every day. Some more complicated things we will not, even, mention. That is why you need office plants that are resistant and that don’t require too much work. You need plants that are easy to grow. On the other hand, they need to look nice. So, some of the best plants for office are Devil’s ivy, Ficus benjamina, Weeping fig, Aloe vera, Snake plant, ZZ plant, Peace lily. Which plants will grow in an office with no natural sunlight? Some believe they can't have plants at the office because the office doesn't have natural sunlight, But that is not true. There are different light levels for different plants. How some indoor plants love bright light or indirect light, others prefer shaded spots and may live without windows. The best plants for offices without windows are Peace lily, Pothos, Philodendrons, Sansevieria, Snake plant, ZZ plant. But our biggest recommendation goes for the one popular plant, Chinese evergreen plant. This plant enjoys watering moderately, not too much, not too less. Maintenance is very easy. One or two times a year you can give it fertilizer. It looks pleasant, it will decorate your office and it will not take you too much time. It sounds like a perfect solution for your office!

Where should plants be placed in one office?

Office greenery gets increasingly popular over the years. Different plants replace cold walls and barriers. It's an excellent way to combine beauty with benefits. As a result, the office will have more life and look more positive. In this way, you can put your plant wherever you need. Also, there are many other places where you can put plants in the office. If you have windows and plants that love bright light that would be an ideal place. For others that need indirect light or shady spots for growth, you can go with corners. So you will fill some empty spaces in a perfect way. If your office has shelves, you can put plants on them. Combining books and plants on the shelves can't be a bad choice and majority of the plants on your desk wont need natural sunlight. And, most plant lovers can put plants and flowers directly on the office desk! Certainly, there need to be plants that won't take up too much space on the table and that will look nice combined with other things on your desk at work. Whichever place you choose there is no too much space for mistakes. Flowering plants, green plants, the choice is yours. Remember, the choice of the plant and how you treat it shows what kind of person you are. But, all care and protection given plants will return to you in their way. Their benefits are huge and worth having them. And, free to say, planting is a popular and modern trend for all age generations! Get your office plant delivery from The Leafy co and benefit from next day delivery on orders befor

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