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Home with no plants, difficult to imagine! Plants in the house appeared for the first time among the Roman and Greek people. Flowers and ferns become an important part of a healthy lifestyle. In recent years, many planting trends have changed. But, the most common reason plants are bought is to enrich living spaces and bring beauty and life in. Green, combined with other colors completes the style in the house and gives a modern look. We may be free to say that planting and caring for plants is a new trend, particularly among young people. They know it can be an awesome hobby. For them and all other plant lovers, we offer a wide choice of flowers and plants. In order to make your things go easier, we have free delivery. Just see which plants you want and in the few steps, you will have your chosen products purchased and delivered. Indoor plants acessorised with a variety of different coloured plant pots combined with houseplant delivery is the perfect combination for bringing any space to life!

Are house plants good for your health?

Homeplants have many great effects on the human body. First of all, their power to clean the air. For human health, it is important to breathe clean and fresh air and just one plant can make a great success. NASA, for example, uses plants on the International space station to improve air quality. Some of the plants that clean the air the most are Dwarf date palm, Philodendron, Spider Plant, Ficus elastica, Boston fern, Areca palm, Snake plant. Plants improve mood and reduce the appearance of many diseases like cold, sore throat, dry cough, and flu. Also, they help with dry skin and provide more moisture. They positively impact productivity and creativity. Whatever you choose, you're not going to get it wrong. Except for these benefits for health, flowers and plants will decorate your house. Every room needs a life. Plants bring it.

What are the best indoor house plants?

The best indoor home plants are the ones that bring you beautiful feelings and beauty into the home. There are a lot of plants and flowers to choose from. Some of the most popular are Dracaena marginata, Fiddle leaf fig, Snake plant, ZZ plant, Peace lily, and Spider plant. There are stories that say some house plants bring luck and harmony into the house. If we take a look at all the benefits of planting, some of those stories could be really true. But, having plants in the house brings, also, responsibility and much work. It is not enough to just buy a plant and water it. All planting lovers know how much care plants need. Just prepare yourself to have a green thumb and start with planting.

Can houseplants cause allergies?

Some houseplants can cause allergies not only in adults but also in children. People get tired, cough, and sneeze often and try to find out the reasons for that. And the only reason can be that beautiful green plant in your house! Plant allergies often come from the pollen but, also, from fungi and mold. If you water your plants too much it will create mold and cause allergies. Sometimes people think they have allergies to some plants but that is not the case. In fact, they may have a dust allergy that accumulates on the flower leaf. Therefore, before taking allergy therapy, you need to know exactly what causes the allergy. Having or not having allergies will depend on each person and the whole health and condition of the person. It is not a big issue that cannot be solved. Simply take care when choosing the plants and there will be no problem.

Care for indoor houseplants

House plants need care and proper treatment. Watering is in the first place. You should know how much water is necessary for each plant. This is very important since plants could die if you water them too much or too little. The best water for plants is rainwater or bottled water. While planting, it is necessary to care for the soil and pot. Plants need the right size of pots for growing. And if you sometimes see the soil is dry, water your plant as soon as possible! Some of the plants like bright light, some indirect light, or shady spot. It is preferable to know this before starting the planting. That can save you time and nerves. There are many places at home for flowers and plants. Just arrange them in the right way. With all these tips and little effort, you can be one of the great plant parents. Plants can fill your time and give you a beautiful feeling of caring for something. To help you and make it easier for you, we have many plants and flowers on our offer. With plant delivery, next day plants will be in Your hands! Next day delivery is very practical and made just for your needs. Go ahead and start with this hobby!

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