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Here at The Leafy Co HQ, quality, care and sustainability are most important to us.

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Every single one of our plants is carefully selected from ethical and sustainable farms all around the world.

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We take great care in sourcing our plants, with the happiness of both farm workers and our environment at the forefront.

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We aim to offer you the very best from plant quality to service. That's we provide free UK next day delivery on all plants.

From farm to your doorstep, here at The Leafy Co we ensure every stage of your plant journey is responsible and ethical.

That's why all of our plants are grown under the sun as nature intended, with no chemical pesticides and sourced from ethical farms.

We're 100% commited to the health and happiness of our planet and the farmers who provide our beautiful plants.

All of our packaging is fully recyclable, we take great care in both limiting waste and protecting your potted plant while in transit.

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Talking about outdoor plants and house plants makes no sense without mentioning their soft, calming, and relaxing benefits to the human body and soul. In many life situations, they can be beneficial and valuable for all age generations. If some parts of the house or shelves are empty, it may be time to enrich them with flowers and plants. By choosing to grow plants, you will make your space more comfortable. You will enjoy that fantastic feeling of plant care and watch how they develop and progress. If you have free space outside the house, you can use it by planting many outdoor plants and hanging baskets. In any case, if you decide to start with plants, you can use our plant delivery and make things easier. In a few simple steps, you will have your chosen products purchased and delivered with our house plant delivery to any address of your choice. We also offer next day plant delivery on orders before 10p.

What are the best indoor house plants?

Indoor house plants are known for many benefits to the whole space of the room. They purify the air in such a way that it is beneficial to have them. Many plants are suitable for housekeeping. Some of these are Dracaena Marginata, Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, ZZ Plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig, and Pothos. When you decide which ones you want to have in your home, it is best to check out which conditions every plant needs for the best growth. Some require more water; others require less water. And the place in the home is vital to the plants. Shady spot, indirect light, or bright light depends on every single plant. One more thing is essential for indoor house plants. It is about the proper plant pots. For optimum plant growth, it is necessary to have appropriately sized pots. The deeper pots are ideal for plants with big roots and the shallow pots for plants with small roots. They are made of materials such as plastic and ceramic. You can choose those which will best adapt to space. But, be careful and choose them with care about plant requirements.

What are the best outdoor house plants?

Outdoor house plants are more resistant to external factors such as different weather conditions. If you give them the proper care, they can make your garden and exterior environment gorgeous. Among the best outdoor plants are Croton, Pentas, Zinnia, Marigolds, Pansies, Begonias, Cosmos, Snapdragon, Lantana, and Daffodils. All of them need the right conditions for growth like light, proper temperature, moisture, air, and nutrients. Before planting, it is desirable to make a specific garden scheme. Creating a beautiful garden scheme will depend on your taste and a little imagination! You can take a plot measurement first and then make some order. This plot measurement is fundamental because you don't want some plants to interfere with other plants. And when the soil is dry, after a long winter, go ahead and plant your plants! But your job isn't finished here. The plants will need the proper care for their growth and health. Water them at the right time and watch their overall state. If they need protection or fertilizer, give them. What is the best place to buy plants online? There are many places and stores where you can buy plants online. The differences relate to the number of plants, prices, and home delivery. This is an essential step in your plant's journey, so be careful. You don't want to get plants that will wilt quickly or have not been treated very well! Those are the reasons why a lot of people decide to order plants from our shop. We have many plants, they are very well taken care of, and we have a next-day delivery. Yes, you heard it well! If you order today, already tomorrow, the plants will be at your door! You can be a great plant parent. Plant parenting is a trend among the young population and means caring for plants. In some way, younger generations know better how many benefits human health care for plants have. Caring for children or pets, caring for plants is very popular in the world and can fulfil your life. Except for the healthier lifestyle, the reason for "plant parenting" could be a reduced number of children and the life in city apartments without gardens. In these conditions, people find themselves caring for many indoor plants. Indeed, You can be a great plant parent. Start now with our gorgeous plants and free delivery. You will get a new obligation but with so much beauty in your home or garden. It's worth the effort! Just listen to the advice of the experienced plant lovers, provide care and attention. The plants will return it to you several times.

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